Now offering custom online workouts sent directly to you through the True Coach app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our gym always represents at the Arnold Fitness Expo “Pump and Run”.

Why choose Kelly Family Fitness?

I’ve been a full time personal trainer for over 20 yrs. It’s all I’ve ever done. Whatever your goals are, I‘m sure I’ve already worked with 50 other people on that same goal. I will use my experience to help put you on the right trajectory. Whether you want to increase strength or just improve you athletic potential, we can do it together. 


Do I need access to a lot of equipment for your workouts?

You don’t need anything more than your body and 30-60 minutes of time set aside to work on you. When the COVID outbreak happened, I was able to seamlessly transition over 30 of my on site clients to these online workouts. Most of these folks had no more than one pair of dumbbells and a couple of exercise bands in their homes. They never have to do the same workout twice. Not only will I send unique workouts every time, I will always prioritize your goals. 

75 year old client and friend (Carol) showing excellent core strength and balance on a Swiss Ball

How do I know I’m using the right form?

All exercises in the workouts link directly to (short) YouTube videos. Many of these videos I filmed myself. Our library  has over 100 videos already and is growing daily. One top of that, there is messaging through the app for any questions or comments as well as the ability to video your exercise for form checks sent to me directly.